wood, metal and iron cast


online wholesale business


retail via three online stores

Business Colaboration

business partners all around the World


adjusted to consumers' requirements

Large Storage Space

warehouses several thousands m2


handling our online stores and the dropshipping service


of goods from all around the world

Photo &Video

professional photo studio


floor space of 250 m2


through access to marketing materials

Well Known Brands

reaching consumers all around Europe

One of the largest online stores in Poland with wood furniture on offer - all inspired by nature, tradition and homeyness.


Online store offering high-quality furniture and accessories made of wood, steel and cast iron - all in rustic, retro or loft style.

Online business collaboration across Europe.

Online store representing Seart Meble z Drewna and Rustykalne Uchwyty in the Czech Republic.

Photo &Video

Professional video and photo (rotatable, marketing and advertising) services



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Specialised Producer

With great love for nature, we decided to devote ourselves to our passion – the production of furniture and accessories. In time, our small workshop transformed into a production company offering unique decorations and furniture pieces. We try our best to create items that cause joy in its owner and improve the comfort of their life. Every product on our offer is of the highest quality, also thanks to carefully selected materials.


Dynamic development and the great interest in our products resulted in B2B transactions. As an open-minded and flexible company, we offer various cooperation models – from wholesale trade to dropshipping. To improve cooperation and order processing, we created a professional online store for our business partners. The constant perfection of our competencies and reliability of our activities follows the enlarging interest in our offer, which we rebuild and adjust to consumers' needs.

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Our company is undergoing constant and dynamic development, having a solid market position simultaneously. The brand was established in 2001 as a home workshop & shop. All the activities conducted by us aim at the company's development, constantly improving the customer service and products quality. At present, we reach consumers all around Europe via three online stores:;;

Business Collaboration

Both the awareness of business collaboration potential and our activities make us open to various types of cooperation. We gather experience within different forms of partnership. If you have any innovative ideas in this field, contact us via e-mail: All of our activities aim at supporting small businesses - however, we are also even partners to giants of retail and wholesale worldwide. Such complex mechanisms of cooperation confirm our competence in business.

Szeroki Asortyment

Careful market analysis and control over the consumers' preferences result in an offer adjusted to their needs. Our dynamically developing company offers products that can be incorporated into a stylish interior design. Initially, among our consumers dominated those refurbishing private dwellings. Now we also reach commercial premises and wholesalers.

Pokaźna Powierzchnia Storage Space

The great range of products on our offer forced us to enlarge our storage space. Organisation and easy access to the goods is the key in a successful trade, making the layout of storage space essential in the effectiveness of logistics – and thus in the efficient order processing.

Rozbudowana Logistics

Constantly developing wholesale and retail businesses forced us to organise both primary and secondary transportation. That is also the result of our vast offer and the self-imposed requirements in terms of our services. Considering the offered business collaboration models, it is clear that our logistics excess successful order processing. The comprehensive finalisation of all transactions translates from the logistics automation and the introduction of procedures rationalising activities in this business area.


Addressing the needs of our consumers and making the offer complex and diverse, we have our production lines. Some of the items on sale are carefully chosen and sourced from foreign business partners, all for our consumers to create an ideal interior arrangement. We can now be called specialists in import.


With many years of experience in photography, we decided to support companies that cannot conduct such activities by themselves. Not only do we make rotatable, commercial and advertising photography for our products, but we also offer professional photo services to third parties. All materials are available online and can be downloaded. The photo & video services involve professional photographic equipment, Orbitvu turntables, a photo studio of ...m2 and the skills of masters of photography.


To meet the expectations of our consumers and partners, we created a place where our products are exposed. The area of ...m2 was divided into several dozen boxes, all presenting different rooms and arrangements. The showroom is a device supporting consumers' final purchase decision - being a place of inspiration that shows products in a natural environment.

Sales Enablement

With professional advertising and commercial materials, our business partners can concentrate on achieving high sales results. The cooperation of Marketing and Sales Departments results in carefully selected activities. By establishing a business collaboration with us, you access data allowing you to reach your target consumers.

Well Known Brands

Dozen years on the market changed the consumers' perception from online stores to brands. Uniqueness and exceptional quality make our products stand out. Consumers and their well-being are of the highest importance, so we listen carefully to their desires and needs. These we take into account while creating our offer – and it makes us a trusted and valued producer. Our dynamic and developing offer proves that.